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The Life And Times Of Ancient Egypt

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          In ancient egypt, some people make houses out of mud brick material. They grow some of their own food and traded in the villages for food and goods they couldnt produce.  Egyptians worked as field -hand farmers, crafts men and scribes.  A small group of people were nobles, these different groups of people  make up the population of Egypt.  Sometimes farmers write scriptures in pyramids and it is called "HIEROGLYPHICS"   They don't write in words they draw pictures.


          Pharoahs are people in Egypt that are respected.  People in Egypt think Pharoahs are gods on earth, and they think Pharoahs only go to after life. And when he dies, their organs are taken out, then put  to dry. Then they are filled with perfumes and put in a linen cloth. They put them in tombs in the pyramids.  When the pharoahs tell the farmers to build pyramids they have to find blocks and make a solid pyramid, in the pyramids there are small halls and rooms.



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