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Science-Technology Team 1

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             (Ancient Egypt-pyramids with camels-Found in Images and files)                                          


Science - Technology in Ancient Egypt                                                                  



What contributions did the Ancient Egyptians make to science &technology?                        



How did they use science/technology in their everyday life?                                                                                                                                                                                      


How is it similiar/different from science-technology today?



Science- Technology Team (list member first names & last initial)


  • Rita A.-Vocabulary                                                

  • Nicole C.-Librarian
  • Suzanne D.-Editor
  • Caitlin K.-Illustrator                                                        

  • Megan M.-Researcher
  • Amanda P.-Researcher










1.The contributions the Ancient Egyptians made for Science/Technology are principles of astronomy. While they were building pyramids they needed to determine north by studying the heavens. By doing this ,they developed these principles. With this knowledge,they could make a 365 day calender grouped into 12 months into 3 seasons.



 2.The ancient Egypt calendar is different from ours today. There were ten days in a week and three weeks in a month. There is also four months in a season, three seasons in a year and there was  five holy days. All those days equal up to three-hundred sixty days in a year. The Egyptians were the first people to come up with a three-hundred sixty days in a year. They used Science/Technology in their everyday life by inventing clocks.The Egyptians made clocks to help them tell time. Their clocks were much different from ours today. There were two types of clocks the Ancient Egyptians used. A water clock and a sundial. A water clock is a little stand with a pot on the top of the stand and a pot at the bottom of the stand. The pot on the top has a hole drilled in the side. This pot was then filled with water and the water would flow out of the top pot down to the bottom pot. When the water was at a certain level then that ment it was a certain time of the day. The only problem with the water clock is that they had to keep on refilling it. Another problem with the sundial clock is that you couldn’t use it at night. The water clock you could use at night.The sundial was a circle with numbers written around it with a little stick in the middle. When the stick’s shadow fell at a certain number that was the time of the day. 



Ancient Egypt

United States

Days per week



Weeks per month


4 or 5

Months per season



Seasons per year




 3. There are many similarities and differences of Science/Technology in Ancient Egypt and Science/Technology today.The differences are that we have more electricity then they did. We have a easier clock to use and now we have four seasons on the calender, also we have a different calender.We have better tools to use and we have more science and technology now a days.They have a 10 day week and we have a 7 day week.They also have 4 months per season because they have only 3 seasons.We have 3 months per season because we have 4 seasons.They have 3 weeks in a month and we usually have about 4 or 5. There is not many similarities.So we will give you a few.We both have calendars.We are very different when it comes to science/technology in Ancient Egypt and science/technology today.








Ancient Egypt Technologyhttp://library.thinkquest.org/J002046F/technology.htm

 - JOUNRY ARCOSS TIME/  www.jat.glencoe.com








                                                   (Pyramid-Found in Images and files) 







                                                                 (Ancient Egyptian Map-Found in Images and files)  



 Vocabulary Words:


Amulets – good luck charms which are worn in daily life as well

as being placed within the mummy wrappings or on funeral

jewellery to bring good luck.


Anubis – the Jackal headed god of embalming


Book of the dead - a papyrus roll which contained spells to help

the mummy on its journey to the afterlife.


Canopic jar - the stone or pottery jars used to hold the

mummified internal organs.


Cartonnage – hard layers of painted linen fabric used to make

coffins or mummy masks.


Embalming – the process of making a mummy.


Faience – ground up quartz (a mineral) often shaped in a mould

and painted with blue glaze. Used to make amulets and jewellery.


Ibu – the ‘place of purification‛, often a tent on the west side

of the Nile where bodies were taken to be washed before



Mourners – people at funerals who weep and wail for the dead

person, in Egypt professional weepers were employed for the

funerals of rich people.


Natron salt – a natural drying agent found crystallised at the

edges of lakes in the Wadi Natrun.








google 6th grade vocabulary of Ancient Egypt and press the 4th link







First google in mummies.

Then press the first link.

Next press hieroglyphics on the bottom.

Then it will tell you what each hieroglyphics symbol,meaning,and sound is!!!!!


here is a video on what they do to mummify a pharoh



here is a game that gives you an idea on how to make a mummy. Be sure to pay attention to the game there is a surpirse at the end


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Mrs. Gallagher said

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I am looking forward to reading more about Science and Technology because the ancient Egyptians were phenominal engineers. By the way, you wrote,"They used Science/Technology in their everyday life by eventing clocks." I don't think you intended to put 'eventing'.
Mrs. Gallagher

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