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Government Team 1

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Geography Team 1Government Team 1Government in Ancient Egypt


What was type of government existed in Ancient Egypt?

Who was the leader?

Were there laws?

What happened if someone broke the law?

How is it similar/different from government today?


Government Team (list member first names & last initial)

Joe B., Lucas C., Giuseppe C., Nicklaus P., Ryan W.








 The people were made up of different classes. The unskilled workers were at the bottom of all the


people and the Pharaoh was at the top. He was the most powerful person in Egyptian government. He


made all the laws,owned all the land and was the head of religion as well. In ancient Egypt government


and religion were one thing.  Below the Pharaoh were the priests and nobles. The priests would be advisors


to the pharaoh and helped them make decisions. The Pharaoh also appointed others to help him rule


Egypt. There was a vizier who could be compared to a Prime Minister today. His main job was to carry


out orders from the Pharaoh and he was in charge of collecting taxes from the people. Underneath him


there were governors,scribes and overseers. All these positions helped to keep records,supervise the


farming of the land and watch over the peasants.


The early people of Egypt became very good in farming, crafts and trade. In time, this led to a need


for a type of government in the land. The Early rulers were village chiefs and elders. They developed


irrigation systems for surplus of goods which were used in times of need. The land was mostly desert, so


They needed a lot of goods to stay alive. Later in time, they made kingdoms and social classes which led


to the Ancient Egypt we know today.   



Ancient Egypt was a monarchy. It was controlled by pharoahs.  Pharoahs were leaders that were respected by


the people that lived there. There were many laws that the Pharaoh was in charge of making. A lot of the laws


had to do with the religion that they believed in, but all of them were made by the Pharaoh.


 The worst law to break was stealing from a tomb. The Pharoahs would punish the outlaw by killing them.


Most of the laws were about right or wrong.The little crimes were punished by hitting them with sticks


and rocks. For the big crimes, they would just kill them. It all depended on what the Pharaoh


thought.The Governments today have a lot in common with the Government of Ancient Egypt. Back then,


they used killing as a way to punish people like we do today with some crimes. A lot of the laws back then


had to do with right and wrong, and it's the same way today. Today, instead of a Pharaoh we have a


president who is our leader. The only difference is many people have to vote on laws to have them passed


and we also have a say in who will be our leader. Also, we don't worship our presidents.



The pharaohTut's Burial Mask







World history-Journy across time text book 

Macmillan Dictionary for Children







Scribes- A person who keeps records of time.


Mediterranean- Inland sea of Europe, Asia, and Africa


Nile River- World's longest river flowing north from the heart of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea.


Peasant- Someone who owns a small farm or works on a farm.


Taxes-Money that people and businesses pay in order to support a government.


Worship- Prayer, religious services and other acts done in honor of God.


Ancient- Having to do with times long ago.


Civilization- Complex society with cities organized government, art, religion,

                 class division, and a writing system.

Monarchy- Supreme power or sovereignty held by a single person. 


Irrigation-  To supply water to crops by artificial means, such as channels and pipes.


Surplus-  An amount greater than what is used or needed


Law- A rule made by the government that must be obeyed.


Government- The people who rule or govern a state or country.

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wikiuser0003 said

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Miss Paduano said

at 10:00 pm on Oct 6, 2008

I can tell you are confused! Remember what we spoke about in class. Make sure you search for "government in ancient egypt" and try the different links for your information. If you like what you see, summarize what is said and make sure to post the link to the wiki page. The librarian can then cite the sources. The same process is used if you find an image you like. You must cite those sources as well.

Keep working hard, I'm sure it will come great!

Miss Paduano

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ask.com our google

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i love your picture its really cool
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those are some sources of info , good work updating

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Guys you need to put resources of were you found the info on the page. just saying , Joe B

Miss Paduano said

at 9:15 pm on Oct 7, 2008

Don't forget to site the sources librarian! This is looking a lot better!
Miss Paduano

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Mrs. Olsen said

at 8:38 pm on Oct 9, 2008

Hi Government Team!

Just a reminder to include citations for all of the sources you use.

Mrs. Olsen

Mrs. Gallagher said

at 8:11 pm on Oct 12, 2008

You said, a few times, that the laws had to do with right or wrong. What do you mean by that and who is 'them'? Can you give me examples, other than things to do with right or wrong why laws may be written? Could they apply to the Egyptians?
Mrs. Gallagher

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the art team really likes your page
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the art team

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