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Economy Team 1

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Economy in Ancient Egypt


What type of jobs existed in Ancient Egypt?

Could the people in Ancient Egypt have any type of job?

How did they learn to do a job?

How is the economy similar/different from today's economy?



      In Egypt there are many jobs. Some of the jobs include farmers, herders, artisans, shop-keepers, scribes, preists, nobles, government officals and traders.

     The farmers jobs were to make sure that the crops were well grown and that people had food when they needed it. Most farmers farm near the Nile River because there were many floods and it made the soil fertile. 

     Next we have herders,it is their job to train animals for everyday human use.They can use them for food, or domesticate them so they can bring things from one place to another.For example: like to carry crops and bricks. This means to train animals for human use(domesticate).

     Artisans are people who made metal products , cloth or pottery.Shop keepers are people who own shops that contain diffrent things like jewerly,food,and other items.

     Scribes are the record keepers of Egypt.Priests are the people who work in the church and teach all the people about the religion.Goverment officals are the people who make up the laws and keep people out of trouble.

      Traders are people who make the deals on things that they need and make sure the other person gets what they need too. 




                    Harvesting wheat                                                                               Man farming.


 In Ancient Egypt, there are many jobs but not everybody could get the job they wanted. The way they decided if you got the good job that you wanted was by what social class you were in. If you were in the upper class the chance is that you would become a pharoah or someone who worked or served the pharoah. If you were middle class you would most likely become a priest, noble, trader, shopkeeper or scribe.These jobs were good but not as good as the upper class. If you were in the lower class the jobs were not even close to the jobs in the upper class. The jobs were farming, herding, and unskilled workers who most of the time didn't really work at all.



Egyptian hearder



 In Egypt people learned how to do their jobs by the families they were born into. If someone was born into a family of farmers, everyday the parents would teach their children how to farm.It wasn't easy for them to learn a job, it took lots of hard work and practice. To farm, people needed to know whare the soil was fertile and when it was a good day to farm according to: weather(if it was nice out or if it was raining out),when thare was a flood or not ( if thare was a flood it made the soil fertile and better to farm on), and alot of other things. If you were born into a ruling family, you would not have been tought anything, when the ruler died you were then named the new ruler. For example Hatshepsut was born under King Thutmose I and Queen Aahmes,because of this Hatshepsut became a princess when she was born.


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     Todays economy is differant then ancient Egypts economy in many ways. Todays economy uses technology so it is easier for people to do their  jobs. In Egypt there were scribes,farmers,and other important jobs. In our jobs today we have computers,phones,and other electronics to help do our jobs.

     How ever our jobs today and from ancient egypts are vey alike. They maybe the same jobs but with differernt names,for example: in ancient Egypt they have scribes but today we have writters. Some jobs even can't function without teconology to help them


Try this !!!!!

Write your name in hieroglyphs





  • Bureau-a division of a government department or an indepent administative unit 
  • Bureaucracy- government by a rigid hierarchy of bureaus, administators and petty officials
  • Pharoah- a title of an ancient egyptian king. Originaly means great house. 
  • Embalming- the process developed by egyptians to treat a dead body so as to preserve it, as with, chemicals,drugs or balsams.
  • Vizier- most important court offical and equivalent to a Prime minister 
  • Scribe- a public clerk or writer, usually one having official status. 
  • Domesticate- to convert animals to domestic uses; to tame. 
  • Harvesting- gathering of crops. 
  • Artisan- a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson.



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Economy Team


Editor- Alyssa A

 Research- Shaye C.

 Vocabulary- Meaghan G.

 Librarian- Joanne N.

Illustrator- Meghan H.




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